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How To Order

Please prepare the design and specification of the product. If you have any questions, please contact us and discuss. Send in the product design and specification for quotation. We will get back to you with quotation and finalize with you. Deposit is required prior manufacturing process. After the deposit, you will be offer a product sample for examination before the manufacturing process of your entire order. After the completion of your order, you are required to make the full payment of your order at the point of delivery.

Sales & Marketing

You are welcome to send in your enquiry to our sales & marketing dept. We are please to asist you to capture your product specifications and needs. Email: choochat_pr@yahoo.com
TEL: 083-0144646 Add Line: boycott29


Our manufacturing process includes grinding and polishing, electroplating and coating, zinc injection, lazer printing, etc. For specific enquiry, please send us an email using the the Enquiry Form below.

How to order

1. Send in the product specifications
2. Receive the blue print and quote
3. Finalize and comfirm your order
4. Made deposit for the order
5. Produce to order
6. Made full payment and delivery